Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Memory Problems

During normal operation, the Message Queue broker consumes a modest amount of memory. However, during idsync resync operations, the broker’s memory requirements increase. If the broker reaches its memory limit, undelivered messages will accumulate, the idsync resync operations will slow down dramatically or even, and Identity Synchronization for Windows may be unresponsive.

When the broker enters a low-memory state, the following messages will appear in its log:

[03/Nov/2003:14:07:51 CST] [B1089]:
In low memory condition,
Broker is attempting to f
ree up resources [03/Nov/2003:14:07:51 CST] [B1088]:
Entering Memory State [B0024]:
RED  from previous state [B0023]:
ORANGE - current memory is 1829876K,
90% of total memory

To avoid a low memory state, take the following steps: