Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Using the repldisc Command

The repldisc command displays the replication topology, building a graph of all known replicas using the RUVs. It then prints an adjacency matrix that describes the topology. Because the output of this command shows the machine names and their connections, you can use it to help you read the output of the insync tool. You run this command on 6.0 and later versions of Directory Server as follows:

# repldisc -D cn=Directory Manager -w password -b replica-root -s host:port

The following command show an example of the output of the repldisc command:

$ repldisc -D cn=admin,cn=Administrators,cn=config -w pwd \
  -b o=rtest -s portugal:1389

Topology for suffix: o=rtest  

^ : Host on row sends to host on column.  
v : Host on row receives from host on column. 
x : Host on row and host on column are in MM mode.  
H1 :  
H2 : spain:1389  
H3 : portugal:389

     | H1 | H2 | H3 |
H1 |    | ^  |    |  
H2 | v  |    | ^  |  
H3 |    | v  |    |