Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Collecting Information About the Network and Disk Usage

Try to determine if the replication halt is network related using the netstat command on both the consumer and supplier as follows:

# netstat -an | grep port

A replication halt may be the result of the network if a consumer is not receiving information despite the fact that access logs show that the supplier is sending updates. Running the ping and traceroute commands can also help you determine if network latency is responsible for the problem.

Collect swap information to see if you are running out of memory. Memory may be your problem if the output of the swap command is small.


swap -l






Already provided in C:\report.txt

Try to determine if the disk controllers are fully loaded and if input/output is the cause of your replication problems. To determine if your problem is disk related, use the iostat tool as follows:

# iostat -xnMCz -T d 10

The iostat command iteratively reports terminal, disk, and tape input/output activity and can be helpful in determining if a replication divergence event results from a saturated disk on the consumer side.