Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Resolving a Problem With the Schema

If the error log contains messages indicating a problem with the schema, then collect further schema related information. Before changes are sent from a supplier to a consumer, the supplier verifies that the change adheres to the schema. When an entry does not comply to the schema and the supplier tries to update this entry, a loop can occur.

To remedy a problem that arises because of the schema, get a single supplier that can act as the master reference for schema. Take the contents of its /install-path/resources/schema directory. Tar the directory as follows:

# tar -cvs schema schema.tar

Use FTP to export this tar file to all of the other suppliers and consumers in your topology. Remove the /install-path/resources/schema directory on each of the servers and replace it with the tar file you created on the master schema reference.