Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Diagnosing Problems with replcheck

When run in diagnosis mode, the replcheck tool diagnoses the cause of the replication breakage and summarizes the proposed repair actions. It compares the RUVs for each of the servers in your replication topology to determine if the masters are synchronized. If the search results show that all of the consumer replica in-memory RUVs are evolving on time or not evolving but equal to those on the supplier replicas, the tool will conclude that a replication halt is not occurring.

To diagnose a replication problem, run the replcheck tool as follows:

replcheck diagnose topology-file

The topology-file specifies the path to a file that contains one record for each line in the following format: hostname:port:suffix_dn[:label]. The optional label field provides a name that appears in any messages that are displayed or logged. If you do not specify a label, the hostname:port are used instead.

For example, the following topology file describes a replication topology consisting of two hosts:

host2:489:dc=example,dc=com:New York