Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Using the dirtracer Script

The dirtracer tool is a shell script that gathers debugging information about a running, hung, or stopped Directory Server process. This information can be used by Sun Support to diagnose a problem. The scripts collect information about the operating system configuration, the Directory Server configuration, and the runtime data elements, as well as log files, databases, cores, gcores, and pstack output. The type of information gathered depends upon the type of problem you are experiencing.

The dirtracer script is available from BigAdmin at

As superuser, run the dirtracer script as follows:

#./ dirtracer -f ./dirtracer.config

The dirtracer.config file contains the configuration parameters used by the dirtracer script to generate its output. The dirtracer script comes with a tool to generate this configuration file called the configurator. This interactive shell script automatically creates a configuration file that addresses the type of problem you are experiencing. The configurator set the parameters for log gathering, core collection, as well as many other parameters.