Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Installing Connectors and Configuring Directory Server Plug-In

You can install any number of connectors depending on the number of configured directories in your topology. Both the Console and the installation program use the directory label to associate a connector with the directory that is synchronized. The following table describes the label naming conventions.

Table 2–1 Label Naming Conventions

Connector Type 

Directory Source Label 


Directory Server Connector 

root suffix or suffix/database

Directory Server Plug-in 

Configure one Plug-in in every Directory Server (master or consumer) for the root suffix being synchronized. 

AD Connector 

Domain name 


NT Connector 

Domain name 

(Automatically installed with the Windows NT Connector) Change Detector and Password Filter DLL subcomponents are installed together in the same installation.

You must install the Windows NT Connector using the graphical user interface (GUI) installer. 

Table 2–2 Label Naming Examples

Connector Name 

Directory Source 


SunDS1 on ou=isw_data1




SunDS1 on ou-isw_data2



Instructions for installing and configuring Connectors are provided in Chapter 3, Installing Core