Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Preparing Sun Directory Source

This section explains how to prepare Sun Directory source for use by Identity Synchronization for Windows.

Preparing the Directory Server:

Note –
Figure 4–13 Entering Your Directory Manager Credentials

Enter your Directory Manager credentials.

Note –

To access this wizard, use one of the following methods:

ProcedureTo Prepare your Directory Server Source

  1. Enter the following credentials for the Directory Manager account.

    • Directory Manager User Name

    • Directory Manager Password

      If you are using a secondary host (MMR configurations), then the Secondary Host options will be active and you must specify credentials for these hosts too.

  2. When you are done, click Next and the Specify Preparation Configuration panel is displayed.

    Figure 4–14 Specifying the Preparation Configuration

    Decide whether to create indexes now, or at a later time.

    Read the warning, and then decide whether to create the Directory Server indexes now or later.

    Note –
    • This operation can take some time, depending on the size of your database.

    • While your database is in read-only mode, any attempts to update information in the database will fail.

    • Taking your database offline enables you to create the indexes much faster.

    • To create the indexes now, enable the Create indexes for database box, and then click Next.

    • To create the indexes later (either manually or by running this wizard again) clear the Create indexes for database box, and then click Next.

  3. The Preparation Status panel is displayed to provide information about the Directory Server preparation progress.

    • When a SUCCESS message is displayed at the bottom of the message pane, click Finish.

    • If error messages display, you must correct the problem(s) reported before you can continue. Check the error logs (see the Status tab) for more information.

  4. Return to the Configuration tab in the Console. Select the Sun Directory source node in the navigation tree to view the Sun Directory Source panel.

    Figure 4–15 Sun Directory Source Panel

    Sun Directory Source panel provides information about
the selected directory source.

    From this panel, you can perform the following tasks:

    • Edit servers: Click this button to reopen the Define Sun Java System Directory Source panel where you can change any of the server configuration parameters. If necessary, review the instructions provided for Creating a Sun Java System Directory Source.

      Note –

      If you recreate the Retro-Changelog database for the preferred Sun directory source, the default access control settings will not allow the Directory Server Connector to read the database contents.

      To restore the access control settings for new the Retro-Changelog database, run idsync prepds or click the Prepare Directory Server button after selecting the appropriate Sun directory source in the Console.

    • Prepare Directory Server: Click this button and follow the instructions for Preparing Sun Directory Source to prepare a Directory Server.

      If anything changes on the Directory Server after you initially prepare the server (for example, if an index is deleted or you lose the Retro-Changelog database), you can re-prepare the server.

    • Resync interval: Specify how often you want the Directory Server Connector to check for changes. (Default is 1000 milliseconds)

  5. Add a Directory Server directory source for each user population in your Sun Java System Directory Server enterprise that you want to synchronize.

    When you are finished, you must create at least one Windows directory source: