Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Central Logs

As long as Identity Synchronization for Windows components can access Message Queue, all audit and error messages will be logged in the Identity Synchronization for Windows central logger. Consequently, these central logs (which include messages from all components) are the primary logs to monitor.

The centralized logs are located on the machine where Core is installed, in the following directories:

Table 9–1 Log Types for Identity Synchronization for Windows

Log Name 



Warning and Severe messages are reported here.


A superset of error.log that includes messages about each synchronization event.


Messages generated by the resync command are reported here.

Each central log also includes information about each component ID. For example,

[2003/03/14 14:48:23.296 -0600] INFO 13 
"System Component Information:
SysMgr_100 is the system manager (CORE);
console is the Product Console User Interface;
CNN100 is the connector that manages 
[ (ldaps://];
CNN101 is the connector that manages
[dc=example,dc=com (ldap://];"

In addition to the central logger, each component has it’s own local logs. You can use these local logs to diagnose problems with the connector if it cannot log to the central logger.