Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Viewing Audit and Error Logs

ProcedureTo View Your Error Logs

  1. From the Identity Synchronization for Windows Console, select the Status tab.

  2. In the navigation tree pane, expand the Audit File or the Error File node.

    The Status tab content changes to display the current logs.

    Viewing your logs.

    Click Refresh to load the latest audit or error information.

    The following information is provided on the Status tab:

    • Continuous: Updates and displays the latest audit or error information constantly.

    • Log File: Displays the full path name of the audit or error log being read; for example:

      C:\Program Files\Sun\MPS\isw-hostname\logs\central\audit.log
    • Lines to show: Specifies how many audit or error entries to display. (Default is 25.)