Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Using certinfo

You can use the certinfo subcommand to display certificate information based on your configuration and SSL settings. This information can help you determine which certificates must be added for each connector and/or Directory Server Plug-in certificate database.

To display certificate information, open a terminal window (or Command Window) and type the idsync certinfo command as follows:

idsync certinfo [bind-DN] -w bind-password | - 
[-h Configuration Directory-hostname] [-p Configuration Directory-port-no] 
[-s rootsuffix] -q configuration_password [-Z] 
[-P cert-db-path] [-m secmod-db-path]

Note –

Because the certinfo subcommand does not have access to the connectors’ and Directory Server’s certificate databases, some of the required steps it lists might have already been performed.

For example:

idsync certinfo -w admin-password -q configuration-password

Note –

For detailed information about the certinfo arguments, review Common Arguments to the Idsync Subcommands.