Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Using changepw

You can use the changepw subcommand to change the Identity Synchronization for Windows configuration password.

ProcedureTo Change the Configuration Password for Identity Synchronization for Windows:

  1. Stop all Identity Synchronization for Windows processes (for example, System Manager, Central Logger, Connectors, Console, Installers/Uninstallers).

  2. After stopping all the processes, back up the ou=Services tree by exporting the configuration directory toldif.

  3. Type theidsync changepw command as follows:

    idsync changepw [-D bind-DN] -w bind-password | - 
    [-h Configuration Directory-hostname] [-p Configuration Directory-port-no] 
    [-s rootsuffix] -q configuration_password 
    [-Z] [-P cert-db-path] [-m secmod-db-path] 
    -b new password | - [-y]

    For example:

    idsync changepw -w admin password -q old config password -b -q new config password

    The following arguments are unique to changepw:



    -b password

    Specifies a new configuration password. The - value reads the password from standard input (STDIN).


    Does not prompt for command confirmation. 

  4. Respond to the messages that display in the terminal window. For example,

    Are you sure that want to change the configuration password (y/n)? yes
    Before restarting the system - 
    you must edit the $PSWHOME/resources/SystemManagerBootParams.cfg file
    and change the ’deploymentPassword’ to the new value.
  5. You must modify the SystemManagerBootParams.cfg file before restarting the system.

    The SystemManagerBootParams.cfg file in $PSWHOME\resources (where $PSWHOME is the isw-installation directory ) contains the configuration password the system manager uses to connect to the configuration directory.

    For example, you would change the password value as follows:

    From: Parameter name="manager.configReg.deploymentPassword" value=" oldpassword"/

    To: Parameter name="manager.configReg.deploymentPassword" value= "newpassword "/

  6. If the program reports any errors, restore the configuration directory using the ldif from Using changepw and then try again. The most likely reason for an error is that the Directory Server hosting the configuration directory became unavailable during the password change.