Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Using a Custom Method for Directory Server

Use this method when Directory Server activations and inactivations are controlled exclusively by an external application such as Sun Java System Access Manager (formerly Sun JES Identity Server).

When you configure a custom method for Directory Server, you must specify the following:

Note –

If you enable the Use custom method for Directory Server option, Identity Synchronization for Windows cannot lock objects out of the directory unless access to the directory is controlled by an external application, such as Access Manager.

To configure a Custom method for activations and inactivations, click the Configure button and the Configure Custom Method for Directory Server dialog box is displayed.

Figure 4–43 Configuring a Custom Method for Activations and Inactivations

Use this dialog to specify inactivation attributes and
to specify values the program can use to detect and set object states.

This dialog contains the following features: