Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

ProcedureTo run idsync prepds

  1. Ensure that Directory Server replication is up and running (if applicable.)

  2. Run idsync prepds from the Console or from the command line, for example:

    idsync prepds -h -p 389 -j -r 389.

    Running the idsync prepds command on M1 accomplishes the following:

    • Enables and extends the RCL to capture more attributes ( dspswuserlink and so forth)

      RCL is required on M1 only.

    • Extends schema.

    • Adds uid=pswconnector,suffix user with ACIs.

    • Adds indexes to the dspswuserlink attribute, which puts Directory Server in read-only mode temporarily until the indexing is done.

      You can add indexes later to avoid downtime, but you must add indexes before installing the Directory Server Connector.

    Adds indexes on M2.

    Note –
    • Replication ensures that Identity Synchronization for Windows copies schema information and the uid=pswconnector from the preferred master to the secondary master and both consumers.

    • You must install the Directory Server Connector once. You must install the Directory Server Plug-in in all directories.

    • Indexing is required on the preferred and the secondary masters only. (Replication does not push the indexing configuration from the preferred master to the secondary master.)