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Sun Java System Message Queue 3 2005Q1 Technical Overview 


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Chapter 1   Conceptual Foundations
Enterprise Messaging Systems
Requirements of Enterprise Messaging Systems
Centralized (MOM) Messaging
Basic Message Service Architecture
Java Message Service (JMS) Basics
JMS Message Structure
JMS Programming Model
Programming Objects
Programming Domains: Message Delivery Models
Reliable Messaging
Persistent Storage
JMS Administered Objects

Chapter 2   Introduction to Message Queue
Message Service Architecture
Message Server
Client Runtime
Connection Handling
Client Identification
Message Distribution to Consumers
Ensuring Reliable Message Delivery
Message Flow Control
Overriding Message Header Values
Other Functions
Administered Objects
Using Administered Objects via JNDI
Object Stores
Administration Tools
Product Features
Integration Support Features
Multiple Transport Support
C Client Interface
SOAP (XML) Messaging Support
J2EE Resource Adapter
Security Features
Scalability Features
Scalable Connection Capacity
Broker Clusters
Queue Delivery to Multiple Consumers
Availability Features
Message Service Stability
Automatic Reconnect to Message Server
High Availability Through Sun Cluster
Manageability Features
Robust Administration Tools
Message-Based Monitoring API
Tunable Performance
Flexible Server Configuration Features
Configurable Persistence
LDAP Server Support
Product Editions
Enterprise Edition
Platform Edition
Message Queue in a Sun Product Context

Chapter 3   Reliable Message Delivery
A Message’s Journey Through the System
Message Delivery Processing
Message Production
Message Handling and Routing
Queue Destinations
Topic Destinations
Message Consumption
Client Acknowledgements
Normal Deletion of Messages
Abnormal Deletion of Messages
Performance Issues

Chapter 4   Message Server
Broker Architecture
Broker Components
Connection Services
Port Mapper
Thread Pool Manager
Message Router
Physical Destinations
Memory Resource Management
Persistence Manager
Security Manager
Monitoring Service
Metrics Generator
Metrics Message Producer (Enterprise Edition)
Development and Production Environments
Development Environments and Tasks
Out-of-the-Box Configuration
Development Practices
Production Environments and Tasks
Setup Operations
Maintenance Operations

Chapter 5   Broker Clusters
Cluster Architecture
Message Delivery
Cluster Configuration
Cluster Synchronization
Deployment Environment
Development Environments
Production Environments

Chapter 6   Message Queue and J2EE
JMS/J2EE Programming: Message-Driven Beans
J2EE Application Server Support
JMS Resource Adapter

Appendix A   Message Queue Implementation of Optional JMS Functionality


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