Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14 Performance Tuning, Sizing, and Scaling Guide

Tuning for HTTP 1.0-Style Workload

Since HTTP 1.0 results in a large number of new incoming connections, the default acceptor threads of 1 per listen socket would be suboptimal. Increasing this to a higher number should improve performance for HTTP 1.0-style workloads. For instance, for a system with 2 CPUs, you might want to set it to 2. You might also want to reduce the keep-alive connections, for example, to 0.

HTTP 1.0-style workloads can have many connections established and terminated.

If users are experiencing connection timeouts from a browser to Proxy Server when the server is heavily loaded, you can increase the size of the HTTP listener backlog queue by setting the HTTP listener's listen queue size to a larger value, such as 8192. The listen queue size can be specified using the "Configure System Preferences" screen in the admin interface.

The HTTP listener listen queue specifies the maximum number of pending connections on a listen socket. Connections that time out on a listen socket whose backlog queue is full fail.