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iPlanet Delegated Administrator for Messaging and Collaboration 1.2 Installation and Administration Guide


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Chapter 1 Pre-Installation Issues and Instructions
Product Requirements and Limitations
Software Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Product Limitations
Pre-Installation Procedures

Chapter 2 Installation Instructions
Step 1: Install the iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 and Record Your Installation Parameters
Step 2: Configure the Directory Server Plug-ins
Step 3: Configure the Directory Server
Optimizing Page Handling and Search Performance
Step 4: Install or Upgrade to iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP2 (Service Pack 2)
Step 5: Install Delegated Administrator
UNIX Installation Instructions
Windows NT Installation Instructions
Silent Installation
Using the Delegated Administrator
To start Delegated Administrator from the Start Page:
Uninstalling Delegated Administrator

Chapter 3 Administering the iPlanet Delegated Administrator
Changing the iPlanet Delegated Administrator Privileged User Password
Changing the LDAP Server and Port
Changing the Messaging Server Host or Administration Server Port
Restarting the iPlanet Delegated Administrator Web Server
Configuring User Session Timeout
Adding Single Sign-on
Adding Secure Socket Layer
Adding User Directory Failover
Changing the Input Validation Servlets

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