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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0 Administration Guide

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Document Information

Configuring the Directory Server

Configuring Security in the Directory Server

Managing Directory Data

Controlling Access To Data

Replicating Data

Managing Users and Groups

Directory Server Monitoring

Improving Performance

Advanced Administration

Running the Directory Server as a Non-Root User

Working With Directory Schema

Directory Schema Overview

Configuring Schema Checking

Working With Object Identifiers (OIDs)

Extending the Directory Schema

Managing Attribute Types

To View Attribute Types

To Create an Attribute Type

To Delete an Attribute Type

Managing Object Classes

To View Object Classes

To Create an Object Class

To Delete an Object Class

Extending the Schema With a Custom Schema File

Replicating Directory Schema

Managing the Schema With the Control Panel

To Display Schema Items

To Add a New Object Class

To Add a New Attribute to the Schema

Configuring Schema Checking

The directory server provides a schema-checking mechanism that verifies whether newly-written or added entries conform to the directory server's schema. This mechanism ensures that data imported using import-ldif, or added using ldapmodify, meets the syntax rules of the schema.

The schema checking configuration is part of the advanced global configuration, and can be displayed with the following command:

$ dsconfig -D "cn=directory manager" -w password -n --advanced \
Property                               : Value(s)
check-schema                           : true
invalid-attribute-syntax-behavior      : reject
single-structural-objectclass-behavior : reject

The following configuration properties control schema-checking:


Caution - Changing the value of these properties from the default puts the integrity of the schema at risk, so in general do not alter these values.