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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0 Architectural Reference

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Document Information

The Directory Server Access Control Model

Understanding the Directory Server Schema

Understanding Matching Rules

Matching Rule Description Format

Commonly Used Matching Rules

Value Normalization

Understanding Attribute Syntaxes

The Attribute Syntax Description Format

Commonly Used Attribute Syntaxes

Understanding Attribute Types

Attribute Type Description Format

Attribute Type Inheritance

Attribute Type Implementation

Understanding Object Classes

Object Class Description Format

Object Class Kinds

Object Class Inheritance

Directory Server Object Class Implementation

Understanding Name Forms

Name Form Description Format

Name Form Implementation

Understanding DIT Content Rules

DIT Content Rule Description Format

DIT Content Rule Implementation

Understanding DIT Structure Rules

DIT Structure Rule Description Format

DIT Structure Rules and Multiple Schemas

DIT Structure Rule Implementation

Understanding Matching Rule Uses

Matching Rule Use Implementation

Index Databases

Understanding Directory Server Plug-Ins

Directory Server Replication

Root Users and the Privilege Subsystem

Supported Controls and Operations

Understanding the Directory Server Schema

Schema is a very important part of LDAP directory services. Although many people may have a basic understanding of attribute types and object classes, there is a great deal of information about LDAP schema that many people do not know. This section provides an in-depth description of schema elements in general, and illustrates the ways in which these schema elements are used in the directory server.

For instructions on viewing the schema using the ldapsearch command, see Managing Attribute Types in Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0 Administration Guide and Managing Object Classes in Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0 Administration Guide.