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Sun Blade Storage Module M2 Service Manual
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Introduction to the Sun Blade Storage Module M2

Terminology Used In This Document

Storage Module Features

Storage Module Components

Accessory Kit Contents

Maintaining the Sun Blade Storage Module M2

Options and Replaceable Components

Antistatic Procedures and Precautions

How to Use an Antistatic Mat

Replacing a Disk Drive (CRU)

How to Remove a Disk Drive

How to Install a Disk Drive

Replacing the Storage Module (FRU)

How to Remove the Storage Module

How to Install the Storage Module

Upgrading Storage Module Firmware

Diagnosing Storage Module Faults

Diagnosing Faults Using CMM ILOM

Diagnosing Faults Using MegaRAID Storage Manager Software

Diagnosing Faults With SunVTS Software

Diagnosing Faults With LEDs and Indicators



Environmental and Electrical


Replacing the Storage Module (FRU)

This section describes how to replace the storage module. A failed storage module is considered a FRU, and can only be replaced by a qualified Oracle technician.

The following rules apply when removing the storage module: