Solaris Transition Guide

Print Subsystem

Starting with the Solaris 2.6 release, the printing software provides a centralized environment for setting up and managing client access to printers on a network. The Solaris printing software contains these components:

See Chapter 11, Managing Printers, Terminals, and Modems, and System Administration Guide, Volume II for more information.

Users can accomplish the same basic tasks using PrintTool or commands in a Shell Tool window.


PrintTool is a software tool available in the Solaris 7 user environment. It provides a graphical user interface within OpenWindows or CDE through which a user can monitor printers and monitor and cancel print jobs.

Command Changes

The following list summarizes command changes:

The lp service consists of several daemons, or processes, that monitor system work, a hierarchy of configuration files in the /etc/lp directory, and a set of administrative commands.