Solaris Transition Guide


The single most significant change for developers migrating from the SunOS release 4 to the Solaris 7 operating environment is the unbundling of the C compiler. One of the factors that allowed the compiler to be unbunddled is the dynamic kernel. The compiler is no long required to reconfigure the kernel as devices are now automatically loaded by the kernel as needed.

The Sun WorkShopTM provides an ANSI C compatible compiler along with an extensive debugging and program development environment. This compiler produces executables in executable and linking format (ELF), the native object format of Solaris 7. lint and the lint libraries are also provided as part of the Sun WorkShop.

For details on the Sun WorkShop, see

The guide Making the Transition to ANSI C describes the differences between the C language implemented in the bundled SunOS 4 C compiler and as implemented by the unbundled Sun WorkShop C compiler and should be consulted when porting source. The guide is a developer product available from Sun WorkShop Compiler C 4.2 AnswerBook Collection.

The Sun WorkShop C Compiler provides a special option flag, -Xs, that warns about language constructs that have differing behavior between K&R C and ANSI C. This is described in Sun WorkShop C User's Guide, which is also a developer product available from in the Sun WorkShop Compiler C 4.2 AnswerBook Collection.