Solaris Transition Guide

Using SCCS

The Solaris 7 operating environment source code control system (SCCS) is slightly different from the SunOS release 4 version. The same set of commands and subcommands are supported in both environments. SCCS directories and s.files used on SunOS release 4 systems work equally well on Solaris 7 systems.

In the SunOS release 4 software, the SCCS commands were located in the /usr/sccs directory. These commands are located with the other programming tools in /usr/ccs/bin in the Solaris 7 operating environment.

One difference between SunOS release 4 and Solaris 7 utilities is the handling of unreadable s.files. The SunOS release 4 commands print an error and continue when they encounter an unreadable s.file. The Solaris 7 commands silently ignore the error.