Solaris Transition Guide

Files to Convert

Many system files, such as the /etc/fstab file, have been replaced and do not exist under the Solaris 7 operating environment. Information from these files must be extracted and manually converted in the Solaris 7 environment. See Appendix D, System Files Reference Table, to examine SunOS release 4 files for changes.

Caution - Caution -

Do not restore operating system executable files (such as system commands in /usr/bin) from the SunOS release 4 system to your system after installing the Solaris 7 software.

You must change the following files before merging the data onto the Solaris 7 system:

share -F fstype -o options -d "text" pathname resource

See the dfstab(4) man page for additional information.

dev raw_dev mnt_pt fs_type fsck_pass auto_mnt mnt_option

Refer to the vfstab(4) man page for additional information.