Solaris Transition Guide

Saving Disk Partition Information

Before you begin the installation process, you should print a copy of the system's existing disk partitions. It can serve as a reference for many decisions that are made about configuring the Solaris 7 system. The following procedure is one way to obtain the disk partition information.

  1. Obtain the names of the disks attached to the system.

    To obtain the names of the disks attached to the system, use the format(8) command.

  2. Save the disk partition information.

    To obtain the partition information encoded on each disk, use the dkinfo(8) command. You can pipe the output to a printer or to a file that you can save to another system.

    Note -

    Using the previous command provides you with information only on the configured partitions. All nonconfigured partitions are displayed with the message: "No such device or address."