Solaris Transition Guide

Saving Metadevice Configuration Information

Use this section only if you are upgrading a system running the SPARCserverTM Manager or Solstice DiskSuite unbundled products. (These products are used to mirror, concatenate, or stripe multiple disks.)

To upgrade your system without this product, you have to modify your multiple-partition configurations to use single partitions. In particular, a concatenated or striped file system must be reorganized onto a single disk, and partitions and mirrors can no longer be used.

If the system is running SPARCserver Manager or Solstice DiskSuite utilities, you should save the metadevice configuration information before installing Solaris 7 software. This enables you to recover the state of the metadevices when you install Solaris 7 software, and serves as a reference as you construct the list of disks attached to your system.

  1. Use the metastat(8) command to save information, as in the following example.

    # /etc/metastat -p | lpr
  2. Save the output of the metadb(8) command.

    For example.

    # /etc/metadb -i | lpr

    The output of metadb tells you the state of the database configuration information. This information is necessary to reconstruct the state databases if you reinstall the Solstice DiskSuite product.