Solaris Transition Guide

Additional Features in the Solaris Operating Environment

The Solaris operating environment offers value-added components in addition to the SVR4-based operating system. These make computing easier and create new opportunities for users, system administrators, and developers.

In general, the merge of established UNIX variants into SVR4 and the Solaris operating environment was done by consolidating the existing functionality while maintaining compatibility for existing applications. As a result, features and commands were added or withdrawn in some cases.

Features for the User

For users, the Solaris operating environment incorporates a suite of powerful DeskSetTM applications to enhance personal productivity. All DeskSet applications rely on the drag-and-drop metaphor, enabling users to carry out complex UNIX commands with a mouse. Some of the features are:

Features for the System Administrator

For system administrators, the Solaris operating environment offers a variety of new tools to simplify the administration of a distributed computing environment. These include:

Features for the Developer

For application developers, the Solaris operating environment includes a variety of toolkits and features to simplify the development of complex applications with graphical user interfaces.