Solaris Transition Guide

SAF Functions and Related Programs

SAF's common interface consists primarily of two commands: sacadm and pmadm. The sacadm command controls the port monitors. The pmadm command controls the services associated with the port monitors.

The sacadm command enables you to add and remove port monitors. You can also use the sacadm command to list the status of a port monitor, and to administer configuration scripts for customizing port monitors.

Using the pmadm command, you can add or remove a service, and enable or disable a service. You can, for example, disable all remote logins with one pmadm command. You can also install or replace per-service configuration scripts, or display information about a service.

Using only the sacadm and pmadm commands, a system administrator has complete control over access to resources. However, these two commands are only the interface to the SAF suite of programs and processes that make the integrated management environment possible. The functions and associated programs are:

The service access control, sac, is the most important program in the SAF suite. It is launched by the init program when a machine is first started. In turn, sac starts all the port monitors listed in its administrative file.

For more information on the SAF in general, or on the different ways to use the sacadm and pmadm commands, see System Administration Guide, Volume II.