Solaris Transition Guide

Running convert4x

convert4x updates the Solaris 7 server with information about all SunOS release 4 clients. The following files and directories are updated when you run convert4x:

Before running convert4x, make certain that the Ethernet addresses are entered in the /etc/ethers file for the clients you are converting. This is necessary because convert4x invokes the rpc.rarpd(1m) daemon.

As superuser, run convert4x by typing the following command.

# /usr/sbin/convert4x 

Optionally, you can specify a single fully qualified path to the location to an alternate client hierarchy. By default, convert4x looks in /export.

As convert4x runs, it displays information on the screen about the actions taken by the script. It warns you if there are any discrepancies in client information. If there is insufficient information for a given client, convert4x reports the error and exits.

If convert4x is successful for existing clients, you do not have to add clients again using Solstice Host Manager.