Solaris Transition Guide

Running discover4x

discover4x analyzes the support that remains for SunOS release 4 clients after the server has migrated to the Solaris 7 operating environment.

As superuser, type the following.

# discover4x

The discover4x program runs from 1 - 60 seconds, depending on the amount of software examined.

discover4x may report messages such as the following.

Setting up proto root for sun4c arch

Updating server databases to include sun4c sunos 4.1.2 support

Support for sun4c clients must be added using install4x, if \

           sun4c clients are served by this machine.

If your site has completed a custom Solaris 7 installation that changed the location of the /export directory, discover4x examines that directory if you invoke it with the directory name as a single argument. For instance, if the /export software is stored in /clients directory, use the following command.

# discover4x /clients