Solaris Transition Guide

Adding User Accounts

This section describes changes to the general procedure for adding user accounts.

The general procedure for adding new users to a SunOS release 4 system was:

  1. Edit the /etc/passwd file and add an entry for the new user.

  2. Create a home directory and set the permissions for the new user.

  3. Set up skeletal files for the new user (.cshrc, .login, .profile, and so on).

  4. Add the new user to the naming service (NIS).

In the Solaris 7 operating environment, there are three ways to add (and maintain) user accounts:

Note -

Because the SunOS release 5.7 software uses a shadow password file, simply editing the /etc/passwd file is no longer sufficient. You should not attempt this method unless you have ample experience with this type of administration.

System Administration Guide, Volume I describes in detail the policy decisions you should consider before you begin to set up accounts. It also explains security considerations for controlling user access to systems and networks.