Solaris Transition Guide

Using the man Command

Table 6-5 shows that SunOS release 5.7 version of the man command has additional search options.

Table 6-5 New man Command Options




Displays all man pages that match file name. The pages are displayed sequentially in the order they are found.


Lists all man pages that match file name. You can use the output of this command to specify a section number with the -s option.

-s section-number

Searches section-number for file name. In the SunOS release 4 software, the man command accepted the section number as an option; in this release, the section number must be preceded by -s.


Forces the man command to search all directories until file name is found. This option overrides the windex database and the file.

See the man(1) man page for a complete description of the SunOS release 5.7 man command.