About Solaris 8 Documentation

Chapter 1 Getting More Information About Solaris 8

This chapter describes the Solaris 8 documentation set and provides instructions for viewing AnswerBook2 documentation.

Overview of the Solaris Documentation Set

When you purchase the Solaris 8 product, you receive a documentation set that can include:

Note -

You might not have printed documents if your software was preinstalled. You might have printed documentation for other products that are packaged with the Solaris operating environment, but they are not described here.

Viewing Online AnswerBook2 Documentation

An AnswerBook2 collection is a set of documents that you can view using a browser. Users can share AnswerBook2 collections across a network through a web-browser-based interface. You can use the AnswerBook2 system as you would any library: you can browse, search, bookmark, and print the information.

The AnswerBook2 product allows you to view and print a variety of information, including AnswerBook2 collections and older "AnswerBooks" (previously accessed through the AnswerBookTM script). The Solaris 8 Documentation CD includes the AnswerBook2 server software and documentation packages. You can choose to:

For information about how to get started using the AnswerBook2 product, how to install an AnswerBook2 documentation server, or how to read documentation directly from the CD, see the file README_en.html on the Solaris 8 Documentation CD.