System Administration Guide, Volume 1

What You Can Do With Diskettes and CDs

Essentially, Volume Management enables you to access diskettes and CDs just as manual mounting does, but more easily and without the need for superuser access. To make diskettes and CDs easier to work with, they are mounted in easy-to-remember locations.

Table 14-2 How to Access Data on Diskettes and CDs

To Access ... 

Insert ... 

And Find the Files In ... 

Files on a diskette 

The diskette and enter volcheck


Raw data on a diskette 

The diskette and enter volcheck


Files on a CD 

The CD and wait for a few seconds 


If your system has more than one diskette or CD-ROM drive, see the table below for their access points.

Table 14-3 Where to Access Diskettes and CDs

Media Device 

Access File Systems On ... 

Access Raw Data On ... 

First diskette drive 



Second diskette drive 



First CD-ROM drive 



Second CD-ROM drive