System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Tools For Managing Patches

There are two utilities for managing patches:

Detailed information about how to install and back out a patch is provided in patchadd(1M) and patchrm(1M). Each patch also contains a README file that contains specific information about the patch.

Before installing patches, you might want to know more about patches that have previously been installed. The table below describes commands that provide useful information about patches already installed on a system.

Table 22-1 Helpful Commands for Patch Administration



showrev -p

Shows all patches applied to a system. 

pkgparam pkgid PATCHLIST

Shows all patches applied to the package identified by pkgid.

pkgparam pkgid PATCH_INFO_patch-number

Shows the installation date and name of the host from which the patch was applied. pkgid is the name of the package: for example, SUNWadmap.

patchadd -R client_root_path -p

Shows all patches applied to a client, from the server's console. 

patchadd -p

Shows all patches applied to a system.