System Administration Guide, Volume 1

CacheFS Statistics

CacheFS statistics enable you to:

These two pieces of information will help you determine the trade-off between your cache size and the desired performance of the cache.

The CacheFS statistics consist of three commands:


Specifies the location of the log file. This command also displays where the statistics are currently being logged, and enables you to halt logging.  


Interprets the log file to give a recommended cache size.  


Displays statistical information about a specific file system or all cached file systems. The information provided in the output of this command is taken directly from the cache.  

Note -

The CacheFS statistics commands can be issued from any directory. You must be superuser to issue the cachefswssize command.

The statistics begin accumulating when you create the log file. When the work session length of time is up, stop the logging by using the cachefslog -h command, as described in "How to Stop the Logging Process".