System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Handling Magnetic Tape Cartridges

If errors occur when reading a tape, retension the tape, clean the tape drive, and then try again.

How to Retension a Magnetic Tape Cartridge

Retension a magnetic tape cartridge with the mt command.

$ mt -f /dev/rmt/n retension

Example--How to Retension a Magnetic Tape Drive

The following example retensions the tape in drive /dev/rmt/1.

$ mt -f /dev/rmt/1 retension

Note -

Do not retension non-QIC tape drives.

How to Rewind a Magnetic Tape Cartridge

To rewind a magnetic tape cartridge, use the mt command.

$ mt -f /dev/rmt/n rewind

Example--Rewinding a Magnetic Tape Cartridge

The following example rewinds the tape in drive /dev/rmt/1.

$ mt -f /dev/rmt/1 rewind