System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Example--Restoring Files Interactively

The following example extracts the files /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow from the backup tape.

# cd /var/tmp
# ufsrestore if /dev/rmt/0
ufsrestore> ls
 .cpr_config   etc/          lost+found/   sbin/         usr/
 TT_DB/        export/       mnt/          sccs/         var/
 b/            home/         net/          share/        vol/
 bin           kernel/       opt/          shared/       ws/
 dev/          lib           platform/     src/          xfn/
 devices/      license/      proc/         tmp/
ufsrestore> cd etc
ufsrestore> add passwd shadow
ufsrestore> verbose
verbose mode on
ufsrestore> extract
Extract requested files
You have not read any volumes yet.
Unless you know which volume your file(s) are on you should start 
with the last volume and work towards the first.
Specify next volume #: 1
extract file ./etc/shadow
extract file ./etc/passwd
Add links
Set directory mode, owner, and times.
set owner/mode for `.'? [yn] n
ufsrestore> quit