System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Unconfigure a SCSI Controller

SCSI controller c1 provides an example of unconfiguring a SCSI controller.

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Unconfigure a SCSI controller.

    # cfgadm -c unconfigure c1
  3. Verify the SCSI controller is unconfigured.

    # cfgadm -al
    Ap_Id                 Type         Receptacle   Occupant     Condition
    c0                    scsi-bus     connected    configured   unknown
    c0::dsk/c0t0d0        disk         connected    configured   unknown
    c0::rmt/0             tape         connected    configured   unknown
    c1                    scsi-bus     connected    unconfigured unknown

    Notice that the Occupant column specifies unconfigured, indicating that the SCSI bus has no configured occupants.