System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Features and Benefits

The table below shows the features and associated benefits that the format utility provides.

Table 28-5 Features and Benefits of the format Utility



Searches your system for all attached disk drives 


  • Target location

  • Disk geometry

  • Whether the disk is formatted

  • If the disk has mounted partitions

Retrieves disk labels 

Used in repair operations 

Repairs defective sectors 

Allows administrators to repair disk drives with recoverable errors instead of sending the drive back to the manufacturer 

Formats and analyzes a disk 

Creates sectors on the disk and verifies each sector 

Partitions a disk 

Divides a disk so individual file systems can be created on separate slices 

Labels a disk 

Writes disk name and configuration information to the disk for future retrieval (usually for repair operations) 

All of the options of the format utility are fully described in Chapter 32, The format Utility (Reference).