System Administration Guide, Volume 1

IA: Example--Creating a Solaris fdisk Partition That Spans the Entire Drive

The following example uses the format's utility's fdisk option to create a Solaris fdisk partition that spans the entire drive.

# format
Searching for disks...done
       0. c0d0 <DEFAULT cyl 2466 alt 2 hd 16 sec 63>
       1. c0d1 <DEFAULT cyl 522 alt 2 hd 32 sec 63>
       2. c1d0 <DEFAULT cyl 13102 alt 2 hd 16 sec 63>
Specify disk (enter its number): 0
selecting c0d0
Controller working list found
[disk formatted]
format> fdisk
The recommended default partitioning for your disk is:
  a 100% "SOLARIS System" partition.
To select this, please type "y".  To partition your disk
differently, type "n" and the "fdisk" program will let you
select other partitions. y
WARNING: Solaris fdisk partition changed - Please relabel the disk
format> label
Ready to label disk, continue? yes
format> quit