System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Display Information About Cached File Systems

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Display information about all file systems cached under a specified cache.

    # cfsadmin -l cache-directory

    cache-directory is the name of the directory where the cache resides.

Example--Displaying Information About Cached File Systems

The following example shows information about the cache directory named /local/mycache. In this example, the file system /docs is cached in /local/mycache. The last line displays the name of the cached file system.

# cfsadmin -l /local/mycache
cfsadmin: list cache FS information
   maxblocks     90%
   minblocks      0%
   threshblocks  85%
   maxfiles      90%
   minfiles       0%
   threshfiles   85%
   maxfilesize    3MB