System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to View the Working Set (Cache) Size

  1. Become superuser.

  2. View the current and highest logged cache size with the cachefswssize(1M) command.

    # cachefswssize log-file-path

Example--Viewing the Working Set (Cache) Size

In the following example, the end size is the size of the cache at the time you issued the cachefswssize command. The high water size is the largest size of the cache during the time frame in which logging has occurred.

# cachefswssize /var/tmp/samlog
	       end size:  10688k
	high water size:  10704k
	       end size:   1736k
	high water size:   1736k
	       end size:    128k
	high water size:    128k
	       end size:   1472k
	high water size:   1472k
	       end size:   7168k
	high water size:   7168k
	       end size:   4688k
	high water size:   5000k
	       end size:   4992k
	high water size:   4992k
    total for cache
	   initial size: 110960k
	       end size:  30872k
	high water size:  30872k