System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Pack Files From a Shared Directory

  1. To pack files from a shared directory, and to ensure that you pack only those files that you own, define the LIST command within the packing list file as follows:

    LIST !find . -user your_user_name -print
  2. Pack the packing list in the cache using the cachefspack -sf command.

    $ cachefspack -sf packing_list


    Adjusts the output of the find command to be suitable for the packing list. 


    Specifies a packing list to read. 


    Specifies the name of the packing list to read. 

    Note -

    The -s option must be used with the -f option. The -s option cannot be used alone.

Example--Packing Files From a Shared Directory

The following example shows how to define a LIST command in the packing list to pack only the files from the base directory that you own:

LIST !find . -user jones -print

The following example shows how you would then specify packing the packing list.

$ cachefspack -sf /projects/proj_1