System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Examples--Unpacking Files or Packing Lists From the Cache

The following example shows the file /usr/openwin/bin/xlogo specified to be unpacked from the cache.

$ cachefspack -u /usr/openwin/bin/xlogo

The following example shows several files specified to be unpacked from the cache.

$ cd /usr/openwin/bin
$ cachefspack -u xlogo xview xcolor

You can also unpack a packing list, which is a file that contains the path to a directory of files, as follows:

$ cachefspack -uf list.pkg

The following example uses the -U option to specify all files in a cache directory to be unpacked.

$ cachefspack -U /local/mycache

You cannot unpack a cache that does not have at least one file system mounted. With the -U option, if you specify a cache that does not contain mounted file systems, you will see output similar to the following:

$ cachefspack -U /local/mycache
cachefspack: Could not unpack cache /local/mycache, no mounted
filesystems in the cache.