System Administration Guide, Volume 1

SPARC: Example--Bringing a System to Run Level 0 (Server)

In the following example, the shutdown command is used to bring a SPARC based system to run level 0 in 5 minutes without requiring additional confirmation.

# who
root       console      Jul 14 14:01
rimmer     pts/0        Jul 14 14:03    (starbug)
pmorph     pts/1        Jul 14 14:04    (bluemidget)
# shutdown -i0 -g300 -y
Shutdown started.    Wed Jul 14 14:05:03 MDT 1999

Broadcast Message from root (console) on earth Wed Jul 14 14:05:03...
The system earth will be shut down in 5 minutes 
Changing to init state 0 - please wait
INIT: New run level: 0
The system is coming down.  Please wait.
System services are now being stopped.
The system is down.
syncing file systems... done
Program terminated
Type  help  for more information

See "How to Turn Off Power to All Devices" if you are bringing the system to run level 0 to turn off power to all devices.