System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Determine Who Is Logged in to a System

  1. Log into the system to be shut down.

  2. Display logged-in users with the who command.

    $ who

Example--Determining Who Is Logged in to a System

The following example displays the output of the who command.

$ who
holly 1     console      May  7 07:30 
kryten      pts/0  2     May  7 07:35	 (starbug) 4
lister      pts/1        May  7 07:40 3 (bluemidget)
  1. Identifies the user name of the logged-in user.

  2. Identifies the terminal line of the logged-in user.

  3. Identifies the date and time the user logged in.

  4. (Optional) Identifies the host name if a user is logged in from a remote system.