System Administration Guide, Volume 1

IA: How to Force a Crash Dump and Reboot the System

The system must be booted with the kernel debugger option, kadb, to get to the kadb[0]: prompt and to enable forcing the crash dump.

Note -

You must be in text mode to enter the kernel debugger (kadb), so exit any window system (CDE or Open Windows) first.

  1. Press F1-a.


    The kadb[0]: prompt is displayed.

  2. Type the following commands at the kadb[0]: prompt.

    Press <F1-a>
    kadb[0]: vfs_syncall/W ffffffff
    kadb[0]: 0>eip
    kadb[0]: :c
    kadb[0]: :c
    kadb[0]: :c

    After the first :c is typed, the system panics, so you need to type :c again. The system panics again, so type :c a third time to force the crash dump and reboot the system.

    After the crash dump is written to disk, the system continues to reboot.

  3. Verify that the system has rebooted by logging in at the console login prompt.