System Administration Guide, Volume 1

IA: How to Boot a System to Run Level 3 (Multiuser State)

  1. Press any key to reboot the system if the system displays the Type any key to reboot prompt. You can also use the reset button at this prompt. If the system is shut down, turn the system on with the power (on/off) switch.

    The Current Boot Parameters menu is displayed after a few minutes.

  2. Type b to boot the system to run level 3. Press Enter.

    If you do not make a selection within five seconds, the system is automatically booted to run level 3.

  3. Verify the system boots to run level 3.

    The login prompt is displayed when the boot process has finished successfully.

    hostname console login:

IA: Example--Booting a System to Run Level 3 (Multiuser State)

Type any key to reboot
                     <<< Current Boot Parameters >>>
Boot path: /pci@0,0/pci-ide@7,1/ide@0/cmdk@0,0:a
Boot args: 
Type    b [file-name] [boot-flags] <ENTER>      to boot with options
or      i <ENTER>                               to enter boot interpreter
or      <ENTER>                                 to boot with defaults

                  <<< timeout in 5 seconds >>>

Select (b)oot or (i)nterpreter: b
venus console login: