System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Configure a System to Play Musical CDs

You can play musical CDs from a CD-ROM attached to your Solaris system. You'll need to access Workman, which is public domain software, and you must attach external speakers or headphones independently to the CD-ROM drive; speakers attached to the system hardware will not work.

Once you configure your system, you can play a musical CD simply by inserting it into the CD-ROM drive. The Workman control panel is automatically displayed on your desktop.

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Edit /etc/rmmount.conf.

    Add the following line under # Actions, before the cdrom action, as shown in the example below.

    # Actions
    action cdrom path/workman workman-options


    The directory in which you have placed the Workman software. 


    The options allowed by the Workman software. 

Example--Configuring a System to Play Musical CDs

This example shows an /etc/rmmount.conf file modified to support the Workman software.

# @(#)rmmount.conf 1.3     96/05/10 SMI
# Removable Media Mounter configuration file.
# File system identification
ident hsfs cdrom
ident ufs cdrom floppy rmscsi pcmem
ident pcfs floppy rmscsi pcmem
# Actions
action cdrom /usr/dist/exe/workman
action cdrom
action floppy
action rmscsi
# File System Sharing
share cdrom*
share floppy*